Lebanese sources reported Sunday that four Israeli F-16 war jets violated the Lebanese airspace, and circled at law altitude over several cities and towns south of the country.The Israeli Air Force flew over Marj ‘Oyoun, Al-Khiam, Jabal Al-Sheikh, Hasbia and several other areas, while a number of Israeli military helicopters flew over the Sheba farms; several Israeli paratroopers have also been seen close to the Lebanese border.

Lebanon did not intercept the Israeli army and not officially react to the latest Israeli military violations against the country and its sovereignty.

In related news, Syrian officials reported that the Israeli shelling of Syrian territories last week, especially the Syrian military research facility in Damascus, and several nearby areas, led to dozens of casualties among Syrian soldiers, and even among fighters of the Hezbollah party.

The officials said that Israel must know that “it cannot just fly around over Syrian territory”, and added that the Golan Heights are Arab Syrian lands occupied by Israel.