Friday evening, May 17 2013, Palestinian medical sources reported that approximately 25 Palestinians have been injured, including twelve who were shot by live rounds, during clashes that took place when Israeli soldiers invaded the Al-Jalazonerefugee camp and Silwad town, east of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.
The sources said that clashes took place at the entrance of the Al-Jalazonerefugee camp, close to the Bet El illegal settlement, and added that the army fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition, wounding twelve Palestinians, mainly in their lower body.

Also, clashes took place in Silwan town, east of Ramallah, after the army invaded the town following Friday prayers, and fired dozens of gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets, wounding more than 10 Palestinians, one in his mouth.

The soldiers also kidnapped one Palestinian after ambushing him in the town, local sources reported.
Furthermore, the army attacked several Palestinian reporters wounding one identified as Moath Mashal, a cameraman working for the Anadolu Turkish news agency.

In related news, hundreds of Palestinians held Friday prayers in lands Israel intends to illegally confiscate for its illegal settlement activities, in Deir Jarir village, east of Ramallah. Israeli soldiers attacked the residents, fired gas bombs, and rubber-coated metal bullets.

Israel settlers also arrived at the scene and fired rounds of live ammunition in an attempt to remove the Palestinians from their lands.

Local sources reported that several trees and crops were burnt due to Israeli army gas bombs fired at the residents.