A number of extremist Israeli settlers punctured tires of five vehicles near the Gilo Israeli settlement, illegally built on Palestinian lands near Beit Jala city, in the West Bank district of Bethlehem.Local sources reported that the settlers punctured tires, and wrote racist graffiti against the Arabs and the Palestinians, including Price Tag graffiti.

The Israeli Police said that three of the cars belong to the Palestinians, and two cars are actually owned by Israelis, but the settlers apparently thought the Palestinians own the two cars.

Gilo, built on lands that belong to the Palestinians, is considered by Israel to be a “suburban area” of occupied Jerusalem.

Extremist settlers attacking Palestinian property, especially when Israel dismantles illegal settlement outposts, repeatedly write “Price Tag” graffiti referring to the belief that the Palestinian must “pay the price” every time the military dismantles an illegal outpost.

These attacks included repeatedly burning and attempting to burn mosques and churches, defacing property and graveyards, in addition to graffiti insulting Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad.