The Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies issued its monthly report on the Palestinian political prisoners, held by Israel, and stated that Israeli soldiers carried out more than 280 invasions, in May, and kidnapped 370 Palestinians.The center said that the some of the detained Palestinians were released later on, while the rest are still imprisoned and facing ongoing interrogation and abuse.

It added that most of the arrests in May were carried out in Jerusalem, as the soldiers kidnapped 105 Palestinians from their homes and from the streets and alley of the occupied city.

Furthermore, soldiers kidnapped 9 women, and more than 30 former political prisoners, in addition to journalists and nonviolent activists.

In Gaza, the army kidnaped six Palestinians, including four fishermen and confiscated a number of fishing boats.

Soldiers also kidnapped two journalists in the Hebron district, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank.
In occupied Jerusalem, the army detained and interrogated Sheikh Mohammad Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Palestine and the Holy Lands, and released him several hours after constant interrogation.

Soldiers also kidnaped Mustafa Abu Zahra, the head of a committee in charge of maintaining Islamic graveyards in occupied Jerusalem.

Palestinian researcher, head of the Media Department at the Palestinian Prisoners Center, Riyadh Al-Ashqar, stated that the army also kidnapped more than 85 children in May, including Khaled Dweik, 9, and Amro Dweik, 7.

Al-Ashqar added that, in one incident, soldiers kidnapped 45 children near school in Hebron, and interrogated them for several hours before releasing 34 children and the rest remained under interrogation.
He further stated that the soldiers kidnapped and imprisoned nine women in May, and took them to several interrogation and detention facilities.