Late on Tuesday at night – June 4 2013, scores of Israeli soldiers invaded two villages and a refugee camp, in the northern West Bank district of Jenin, broke into homes and kidnapped three residents. Two Palestinians have also been kidnapped in Bethlehem, and three in Jerusalem.Eyewitnesses have reported that more than 15 Israeli military vehicles invaded the Jenin refugee camp, and kidnapped one resident identified as Zakariyya Mohammad Al-Ghoul, 22, after violently searching his home; damage was reported.

Furthermore, dozens of soldiers invaded ‘Ejja village, south of Jenin, and kidnapped one resident identified as Waseem Saqer Omariyya, 20.

Soldiers also installed a roadblock at the Jenin-Nablus Road, near the entrance of ‘Ejja village, and searched dozens of vehicles while inspecting the ID of the residents.

Several military jeeps invaded Kufur Qoud nearby village, and kidnapped one resident identified as Salim Jamal Oweiss, 28.

On Tuesday evening, dozens of soldiers invaded the village of Jalkamous, east of Jenin, broke into and searched several homes, and occupied rooftops that belong to residents Fakhry Mohammad Al-Qarm, Jihad Najeh Al-Qarm and Wasef Hafeth Al-Qarm, and used the rooftops as monitoring towers.

Scores of soldiers also invaded Um At-Toot nearby village, broke into one home and handed a resident, identified as Ramzi Zakarna, 22, a military order to head a military base for interrogation.

Also on Tuesday evening, the army kidnapped three Palestinians during clashes that took place in the At-Tour Palestinian town, in occupied East Jerusalem, after extremist settlers attacked several Palestinians.

In related news, dozens of soldiers invaded the West Bank city of Bethlehem, and kidnapped two Palestinians before taking them to an unknown location.

On Monday and Tuesday, the army invaded various areas in the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped at least 14 Palestinians.