Thursday June 6 2013, Palestinian female detainees, held by Israel, started an open-ended hunger strike demanding the Israeli Prison Authority to provide the needed medical treatment to detainee Heba Abu Rezeq.Abu Rezeq was kidnapped three months ago, and is being held in solitary confinement.

She is facing several psychological problems, and needs urgent therapy, yet, the prison administration is threatening to move her to a different facility, and to completely isolate her.

The detainees are demanding the transfer of Abu Rezeq to a private hospital. They stated they would escalate their strike should Israeli refrain from providing the needed medical attention to Heba.

The International Coalition for Breaking the Chains has reported that what is happening to Heba is a direct proof of the ongoing Israeli policies against the detainees in direct violation of International Law.

The Coalition held Israel responsible for the life of Abu Rezeq, and the lives of all hunger striking female detainees.