The European Union demanded Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to stop Israel’s illegal settlement activities, and stated that the EU would support the Palestinian Authority in joining the International Criminal Court should Israel fail to stop its violations.Several senior EU leaders said that they fear Netanyahu is obstructing the efforts of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, aimed at resuming peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

They said that Israel’s settlement construction and expansion activities, especially in occupied Jerusalem, are serious threats to the prospects of resuming direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Israeli sources have reported that the E.U warned Netanyahu that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, would resume the “unilateral” international diplomatic moves by trying to achieve full international recognition, and joining the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The sources added that the EU would even support Palestine in joining the ICC should Israel fail to stop its settlement activities.

Israel recently declared it would be constructing thousands of units for Jewish settlers in occupied East Jerusalem.