The British Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, has reported that Israel sold, over the past five years, military and security equipment for four Arab countries in addition to Pakistan.In its report, which deals with military and security equipment exports, the department said that Israel exported the weapons to Algeria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

The department oversees all military and security exports, and publishes regular reports related to requests for arms purchases, its reports include all approved and denied permits for purchasing weapons, military equipment and civilian items that could be used for security and military operations.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, have reported that Britain processed hundreds of applications filed by Israel for the purchase of military items in the period between 2008 and 2012. The items in question contain British components used by the Israeli military, or exported by Tel Aviv to other countries.

The department listed countries that Israel requested permits to export weapons to, including Muslim countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv.
It said that, in 2011, Israel filed applications for purchasing British military components, such as electronic warfare systems, parts for fighter jets and aircraft systems, optic acquisition system, Head-up Cockpit Displays and components for raining aircraft, Haaretz said.

In 2010, Tel Aviv asked for permits to sell HUD (head-up Cockpit Displays) systems with British parts, to a number of countries, including Morocco and Egypt.

Tel Aviv also requested permits, in 2009, to export to Algeria aerial observation systems, helmets for pilots, radar systems, military communication systems, navigation systems, drone components, and systems that disrupt ballistic equipment, optical target acquisition systems and airborne radars.

In the same year, Israel also asked for permits to sell HUD systems to Morocco, in addition to asking for permits to supply the United Arab Emirates with components for drone, aerial refueling systems, ground and airborne radars, helmets for pilots, parts for fighter jets, thermal imaging and electronic warfare, and systems that disrupt missile launchers.

The British report indicated that, over the past five years, Israel also sold weapons and military gear to a number of countries including Turkey, South Korea, India, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Canada, Australia, the United States, Portugal, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Germany, Colombia, Spain, Thailand, Macedonia, Brazil, Chile, Belgium, Vietnam, Switzerland, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Ireland, Thailand, Poland, Equatorial Guyana, Argentina, Finland and Luxembourg.

Furthermore, Haaretz said that Britain denied Israeli applications for the exports of optical target acquisition systems to Russia, aircraft engines to Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan and India, in addition to satellite radar to India, and gun mounting systems to Turkmenistan.

According to the report, Tel Aviv leads worldwide in various warfare systems, including Electronic Systems, Cockpit Displays, Drones and Security Exports.