Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed Monday [June 10] that the Israeli army is not operating in any way, shape of form, in Syria, and described reports of such an engagement as “nonsense”.Israeli daily, Haaretz, has reported that Netanyahu stated that what is happening in Syria is part of ongoing developments that are sweeping across the entire region.

He also accused the Syrian regime of President Bashar Assad of instructing and enabling the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party to be actively involved in the country, operating side by side with the Syrian army against armed militias.

The Israeli Prime Minister further stated that the Syrian-Israeli front has been calm and peaceful for 40 years, but added that this situation might be dramatically changing.

Haaretz said that Netanyahu instructed members of the Israeli Knesset not to talk to the media or leak information regarding measures taken by Tel Aviv regarding the transfer of S-300 Russian missiles granted to the Syrian army.

Netanyahu alleged that Damascus intends to grant Hezbollah various missiles, and large quantities of advanced weapons, and that this would be the first time Damascus hands Hezbollah weapons with very high qualities, and large quantities.

He said that Iran made the decision to transfer the weapons to President Assad, and that “those weapons could grant Syria a military superiority that pushes Israel to change its security policy in the region”, Haaretz said.

Netanyahu further stated that Tel Aviv will operate, and do whatever it needs to do in order to prevent the transfer of this advanced arsenal from reaching the hands of the Syrian military.

It is worth mentioning that Israel carried out repeated air strikes targeting different areas in Syria, including bombing scientific research centers and military bases, leading to excessive damage and dozens of casualties.