Dr. Ghazi Hamad, a political leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) revealed, Wednesday, that political leaders of Hamas held meetings with several European ambassadors and officials, and with senior American leaders.Hamad said that the core of the meetings focused on removing Hamas from the “terror list”.

He told the Arabic Sky News that a serious of meetings with American and European officials have been held in a number of Arab capitals, and that the most recent meeting was held two weeks ago.

“There is no legal or political reason to keep Hamas on the terror list”, Hamad added, “but these talks are not on the decision making level yet”.

The Hamas official also held a meeting with several journalists in Gaza, and affirmed the decline in relations between the movement and Tehran due to what he called “Hamas’s support to the Syrian people against Bashar Assad”.

“The relations have seriously declined”, he said, “I hope this decline won’t completely sever the ties with Tehran”.

On the Egyptian level, Hamad said that the movement does not intervene in internal Egyptian affairs, “despite the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power”.

“Hamas never meddled into internal Egyptian affairs, in any way, shape or form”, he said, “But we are still facing accusations and smear campaigns”.

He claimed that Hamas has information and documents that implicate “those responsible for such rumors in Palestine and in Egypt”, and added that Egyptian officials who accused Hamas of meddling in Egyptian security affairs never presented any proof.