During friday’s weekly protest in the village of An Nabi Saleh the villagers once more stipulated their discontent over their difficult situation under the occupation. The peaceful protest was met with tear gas and skunk water from the Israeli military.Friday at noon the weekly protest against the occupation took place in the village An Nabi Saleh. The group of about 50 protestors marched from martyrs square towards a spring close to the nearby illegal settlement of Halamish.

The spring got taken from the village in 2009 during the expansion of the illegal settlement. The loss of the villages irrigation system was the spark that started the weekly protests in the village.

Friday’s peaceful protest was met by around 15 armed soldiers though no violence occurred. When the march was finished after about one hour the protestors went to the house of political activist Basem Tamini. Basem’s wife Nariman Tamini is currently under houses arrest since her arrest after participation of the protest on the 28th of June.

Five military vehicles then entered the neighborhood spraying the house with skunk water and tear gas. ‘A collective punishment’ Basem says. Five protestors got affected by the tear gas but none needed medical treatment.