Israeli officials stated Tuesday [July 23, 2013] that Israel has fortified its missile defense systems near its southern border with Egypt, allegedly to fend off any attacks by extremists fighting the Egyptian security forces in Sinai.The Israeli decision came after more than 20 persons have been killed near the border area in nearly daily clashes and attacks carried out since Mohammad Morsi was removed from his post as the president of Egypt on July 3.

Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon, stated that there are daily attacks in that area, and that Israel fears those attacks will eventually target Israel, “therefore, we boosted our deployment on borders, and strengthened our defense systems”.

He added that Egypt has been heavily acting against “extremist elements I Sinai” since the removal of former President, Morsi.

Furthermore, Reuters quoted an unnamed Israeli source stating that Israel expects certain attacks amidst the ongoing Israeli army campaign against armed extremists in Sinai.

The official said that these groups would try to prove their power by firing missiles into Israel despite the Egyptian campaign against it.