The Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip accused the Fateh movement of President, Mahmoud Abbas, of acting on causing tension and chaos in the coastal region.Hamas spokesperson, Sami Abu Zuhri, stated that Fateh Media Spokesperson in Gaza, Ibrahim Abu An-Naja, is implementing what he called “a plan to recreate chaos in Gaza”.

Abu Zuhri added that the statements of Abu An-Naja regarding restrictions imposed on his Freedom of Movement are mere lies, adding that Fateh held, on Monday, a massive commemoration for Ahmad Abu Al-Sokkar, a former political prisoner, senior Fateh leader.

“Fateh is spreading those lies to cover-up its crimes against Hamas in the West Bank”, Abu Zuhri claimed, “Fateh also wants to conceal its campaign meant to topple Hamas in Gaza, to bring the coastal region back into chaos and internal violence”.

Hamas movement warned Abu Al-Haija of the consequences of his alleged plan to “create tension and chaos in Gaza”.