The two documents allegedly written by Fatah, that describe a plot against the Hamas party, were dismissed today as fabrications by members of Fatah’s revolutionary council. On Tuesday, Hamas members attended a conference concerning the documents that they allege were sent by Fatah to the media and security attachés at the Palestinian embassy in Cairo.The two documents were allegedly sent by Fatah to the media and security attachés at the Palestinian embassy in Cairo. According to Al-Jazeera the documents called for “[the] fabrication of news that would embarrass Hamas,” as well as efforts to link Hamas to the recent violence in Egypt.

Hamas official Salah al-Baredweel said that the documents ‘urge hatred, not only against Gaza or Hamas, but against the Palestinian people’.

The documents however, were dismissed today as being fake by the Fatah Revolutionary Council and it was proved that the letterhead of the documents did not correspond to the official Fatah letterhead.

Fatah member Muwafak Matar commented on the falsifications: ‘We believe that Hamas is taking a new political course at this moment. Hamas wishes to steer away from the reconciliation among the Palestinians,’ according to Al-Jazeera.

The relationship between Fatah and Hamas has been chilly since 2006 when the legislative victory for Hamas resulted in a political split between the Hamas ruled Gaza strip and the Fatah ruled West Bank. The current political situation in Egypt has constituted a further challenge to the relationship between Hamas and Fatah since the interim government of Egypt accuses Hamas of having political ties to the recently overthrown Muslim Brotherhood.