[Sunday October 27, 2013] Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that Tel Aviv is seeking peace with the Palestinians, but reiterated Israeli preconditions and demands to recognize Israel as a Jewish State, and drop the internationally guaranteed Right of Return of the Palestinian Refugees.During the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said that Israel is interested in reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians, but added that any agreement must primarily serve Israel’s vital interests.

He said that Israel wants to “protect its eastern borders”, and will always maintain control and presence in vital areas of the occupied territories, such as the Jordan Valley.

Netanyahu also demanded the Palestinians to stop all national demands, and delay such talks until final-status talks are held, yet, insisted that the Palestinians must recognize what he called the “Jewish national rights in the country”.

The Israeli Prime Minister also said that Israel will never accept the division of occupied Jerusalem, and will never recognize the Right of Return of the refugees.

“We insist that Jerusalem will always be the united capital of Israel, the Palestinians must recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people”, Netanyahu said, “The Palestinians have no national rights in the state of Israel”.
He further stated that he discussed his “theory” in detail during his Rome meeting with U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, last week.

Talking to the Al-Arabiya TV, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said that direct talks with Israel are focusing on main issues, issues related to the final-status solution.

He stated that there are so many obstacles to peace, amidst ongoing Israeli violations and illegal settlement construction and expansion activities.

Abbas added that the Palestinian side headed to direct talks seeking a successful process that would lead to comprehensive peace.

Commenting on the Israeli demand regarding recognizing Israel as a Jewish State, Abbas said that the Palestinians would never make such a recognition.

The Palestinian Liberation Organization has already recognized Israel as a state on more than %78 of the historic land of Palestine, but Tel Aviv never made a mutual recognition of the international-guaranteed rights, such as the Right of Return, independence, and their right in their homeland.