[Saturday at Dawn, January 11, 2014] Dozens of Israeli soldiers have invaded the town of Azzoun, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, and kidnapped three Palestinians.Eyewitnesses stated that the army broke into and searched several homes, and kidnapped Ja’far Ahmad Hussein, 22, Abdul-Karim Salim, 34, and Ibrahim Nassar Salim, 20, before cuffing and blindfolding them, taking them to an unknown destination.

They added that the soldiers also confiscated a car which belongs to the father of one of the kidnapped Palestinians.

Late on Friday night and on Saturday, at dawn, soldiers invaded Beit Fajar town, south of Bethlehem, and various areas in the southern West Bank district of Hebron, kidnapping four Palestinians.

Soldiers also installed several roadblocks in the Hebron district, stopped and searched dozens of cars, interrogating dozens of residents while inspecting their ID cards.

Soldiers conduct daily invasions and arrests targeting Palestinians in different parts of occupied Palestine, and continuously break into homes, install roadblocks and destroy Palestinian property.

Israeli settlers also conduct frequent attacks against the Palestinians, their homes and lands.

Such attacks include uprooting trees, flooding farmlands with sewage, attacking villagers, writing racist graffiti, puncturing tires and burning cars, in addition to attacking Islamic and Christian holy sites and graveyards.