Israeli media sources reported Tuesday [January 28, 2014] that the Israeli Internal Security managed to uncover a “Hamas cell” in occupied East Jerusalem, and that its members planned attacks in Israel.An Israeli security official said that 16 Hamas members have been arrested in recent weeks in Jerusalem, and that most of them are from Arab towns and cities in the country.

The official added that the cell received funding from abroad with the intension of “establishing an armed faction in charge of carrying out attacks in Jerusalem”, in addition to establishing an armed infrastructure for Hamas in the city.

Israeli Ynet News has reported that several members of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in the country have also been arrested for what was described as “cooperating with Hamas”.

The Israeli Internal Security Service “Shin Bet” said that Hamas is “masking its activities behind an educational project” run by the Islamic movement in the country, and that the Hamas movement in Gaza allegedly funds this project.

The Ynet said that, back in November of last year, Israel shut down two institutions run by the Islamic Movement in occupied East Jerusalem.