Christian Peacemaker Teams is going to court to challenge the refusal to let them enter Palestine.CPT is a group devoted to help achieving peace, reports the Palestinian News Network (PNN).

However, its members have been denied entry simply because of their affiliation with the organization, a reason which is not a written law and therefore not a viable reason according to its members.

Members, including Jonathan Brenneman and Patrick Thomas, have continuously been denied entry by the Israelis due to their involvement with the organization, even when a formal invitation has been received and, in this case, from the municipality of Hebron/Al-Khalil. However, the border authorities explained that a policy had been adopted to deny entry to members of CPT’s members into Palestine.

Says CPT: “The main thrust of the case is to make Israel say explicitly what it is doing regarding the denial of entries at the border, or to stop doing it. Either the courts will say that they oppose allowing internationals who are working for peace to enter Palestine, or they have to stop denying entry to people for that reason.”