They Killed Him, And Came Up With A Story

January 31, 2014 6:34 AM Saed Bannoura Human Interest, Human rights, Ramallah 0
31 Jan
6:34 AM

“There is no other way to describe his murder, but as a crime, a coldblooded crime, they shot him dead, claimed he tried to attack them, and thought they had the perfect story”, Mohammad al-Awawda of Palestine 24 News website said.

“A perfect setup, a justified crime, the occupation thought”, al-Awawda stated, “But the soldiers forgot, or ignored, the fact that there is no perfect crime…”

We are talking about Mohammad Mahmoud Mubarak, 22, the young Palestinian man who was shot and killed, on Wednesday before noon [January 29, 2014] near the new junction, close to the Ein Senia village, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah.

Similar to thousands of crimes committed by the army against the Palestinians and their lands, the soldiers claimed Mubarak was not only armed, but “opened fire at a military post”.

Of course, that is a perfect excuse to “justify” the cold-blooded crime committed by the soldiers. Especially when you ignore the fact that the only shots heard were the shots the penetrated his body, and killed him.

Mubarak, the son of the head of the Popular Committee in the Al-Jalazoun refugee camp, was killed after three criminal rounds of live ammunition struck him in the back, when soldiers, based on a military town near the junction, opened fire on him, not once, or twice, but at least three times, to ensure he was dead.

The young Palestinian man was not armed, was not protesting, was not obstructing traffic, he was working, wearing clearly marked clothes, he was a flagger directing traffic while repairs were being conducted on the road.

The army alleged the slain Palestinian was armed, and opened fire at the soldiers in their post, close to Ein Yabroud village, northeast of Ramallah. The “shooting” did not lead to any injuries or damage…

However, eyewitnesses and coworkers all testified Mubarak was working, did not attack or even try to attack anybody, testimonies that prove the lies of the Israeli military, prove the fabrications that we all became accustomed to hearing from the military whenever they commit a cold-blooded crime…

Mubarak works for a construction company, he and his coworkers, were wearing the company uniforms, clearly marked, and he was directing traffic… he was a flagger…

The workers said the army executed him in cold blood, the soldiers had no justification for this crime, but… since when they need a justification, anyone who lives under Israeli occupation, under any sort of military occupation, knows the fact that occupiers get away with most of not all of their crimes, especially with the deadly international silence, aka complicity…

As ugly as this crime is, as criminal and cold blooded any crime can get, that fact is Mubarak was executed for working, for trying to put food on his family’s table. Where is the alleged weapon he “carried”?!, the soldiers were all over the place, he carried a flag to direct traffic, that is his “crime”.

Not a single person saw a gun, not a single person saw or heard the slain Palestinian threatening the life of anybody, he was working, and trying to earn some living… but it seems he had to die, because a soldier, or more, said so… or thought so….

At the end of the day, Mubarak is dead, his family, his friends, his loved ones lost him, forever… and the army is trying to claim “he was there to get them”.. Another lie to justify another crime and the list goes on…

— Although pictures, showing Mubarak in his work uniform, are not time stamped, those were the same clothes, same uniform he had on when he was shot and killed. The same jacket can be seen on the ground after the shooting.

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Saed Bannoura

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