[Monday at Dawn, February 9, 2014] Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded Ni’lin town, west of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and kidnapped two political leaders of the Hamas movement.Ahmad al-Beetawy, Coordinator of the International Solidarity Foundation for Human Rights, has reported that the soldiers kidnapped Shokry Mahmoud al-Khawaja, 46, and Abdul-Qaher Abu Srour, 42, taking them to an unknown destination.

The soldiers invaded the homes of the two leaders, violently searching them and causing property damage before kidnapping the men.

Al-Beetawy stated that al-Khawaja, who previously spent more than 15 years in Israeli prisons, suffers from a weakness in his vision, and nearly lost vision in one eye when he was imprisoned.

He added that Srour had a heart surgery as a child, and was repeatedly imprisoned by Israel for a total of 7 years.

Sour needs a bypass surgery, but Israel has been preventing him from traveling to Jordan for that surgery.

His arrest comes only a month after his release from an Israeli prison.

In related news, Israeli soldiers arrested five Palestinians in the northern West Bank district of Nablus.

On Sunday and Saturday, soldiers invaded various Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank, broke into and searched dozens of homes, and kidnapped several Palestinians.

Four of the kidnapped Palestinians were taken prisoner in al-Obeydiyya town, near Bethlehem.