[Wednesday, February 19, 2014] A number of extremist Israeli settlers invaded Palestinian olive orchards, north of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, uprooting more than 700 saplings.Resident Awad Abu Samra told the WAFA News Agency that settlers invaded the al-Zahrat area, close to the Tormos Ayya town north of Ramallah, uprooted saplings and stole them.

The settlers apparently came from the “Eddy ‘Aad” nearby illegal settlement outpost, built on Palestinian lands that belong to Qaryout villagers, south of Nablus.

Abu Samra added that the villagers even found the ID card of one of the settlers in the orchard, likely dropped during the attack.

Abu Samra further stated that the attack is the second in less than three weeks, when the settlers uprooted more than 450 saplings planted as part of a project supervised by the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture.