Dozens of settlers, Wednesday, uprooted more than 700 olive seedlings in Turmsaya, north of the West Bank city of Ramallah.The PNN reports that the Palestinian official responsible for the Settlement File in the northern West Bank said that a number of settlers from the nearby Israeli illegal settlement, uprooted over 700 olive seedlings belonging to the Palestinian residents Mahmoud Hezma and Rabah Hezma.

In related news, clashes erupted on Wednesday afternoon between Israeli army forces, with settlers, and Palestinian students from Bureen elementary school in Nablus.

The principle of the school, Ibrahim Omran, said that two cars driven by settlers and two military jeeps were in the school’s vicinity.

Omran also said that Israeli forces always venture close to the school, provoking the students and Palestinian residents in the area, adding that Israeli forces threw a tear gas canister into the school’s courtyard last week, in addition to a hand-made bomb that was also found in the vicinity of school.