The Turkish government will transfer $5 million to the Palestinian Authority in the coming two days, the Palestinian ambassador to Turkey said, on Thursday.Nabil Maroof told Ma’an News Agency, on Thursday, that the money would be used to buy private lands from the current Palestinian owners in order to establish an industrial zone in Jenin in the northern West Bank.

The government of Turkey and the Palestinian Authority previously signed an agreement in October of 2011, according to which Turkey agreed to pay $10 million to fund the purchase of land in Jenin, in order to build an industrial zone.

Work on infrastructure for the industrial zone is expected to start once the purchase is completed.

The Palestinian Authority budget is heavily dependent on external donor aid, while Israeli restrictions on movement and trade have severely hampered economic growth.

The majority of international aid to the PA comes from the US and Europe, but in recent years the Arab countries and Turkey have contributed increasing amounts.