Israeli settler, driving a jeep, rammed on Thursday, a car owned by a Palestinian youth, at Za’tara Junction east Salfeet, in central West Bank.Local Palestinian sources said that the settler crashed a car belonging to Mosaab Balasma 21, in Salfeet city.

They said that the youth sustained moderate injuries and was transferred to Yasser Arafat hospital for treatment.

Balasma said that he was standing at the road, waiting for his friend to fuel his car, when the settler deliberately rammed his car from the back, then turned around and rammed it from the front, and fled the scene.

The attack caused frame damage to the vehicle, the resident added.

He complained about the settler to the occupation police, noting that there are surveillance cameras on Za’tara street.

In related news, Maan News reported that, according to Israeli media outlets, extremist settlers raided the Sharafat neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, on Wednesday morning, slashing the tires on 30 vehicles.

They also spray-painted racist slogans on buildings in the neighborhood.