[Wednesday Evening, February 26, 2014] Israeli sources have reported that the Israeli army increased its alert level on the Lebanese, fearing the Hezbollah party would retaliate to Israeli bombardment carried out on Monday.The Israeli army confirmed that it bombarded a Hezbollah target in the Beqaa’ valley, and that the missiles fired by the army included warheads which are more powerful, and more sophisticated, than the missiles Hezbollah owns.

Israel alleged the army struck two Hezbollah trucks, one loaded with missiles and the other carrying missile launchers, and that the trucks were heading to a position where the Hezbollah party stores its weapons.

Israel advised Israelis living in areas near the northern border with Lebanon to remain alert and stay away from the border fence area, “fearing retaliatory fire from Hezbollah sharpshooters.”

Israeli military and security officials said that Hezbollah might be planning to fire missiles into Israeli areas close to the border, and that the army has deployed additional troops in the area.

In an official statement, Hezbollah said that the Israeli strike led to damage but no casualties.

It added that reports alleging the Israeli attack targeted artillery or rocket sites are baseless, and that the attacks are acts of aggression, not only against the Lebanese resistance, but also against Lebanon and its sovereignty.

Hezbollah vowed retaliation, stating that it “will choose the appropriate time, place and method of retaliation”.