The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) has stated that unknown gunmen detonated an explosive device in the yard of a local Christian church in Gaza City, on Wednesday at dawn [February 26, 2014], and wrote racist anti-Christian graffiti.The Center said that approximately at 12:30 after midnight, a loud explosion was heard in the yard of the Latin Church, and the Latin Patriarchate School, located in the Zeitoun neighborhood, east of Gaza City.

The Palestinian police arrived at the scene, and initiated an investigation into the attack.

The Police revealed that unknown gunmen placed a homemade bomb under the bus of the church, causing it to catch on fire.

It added that the assailants also wrote anti-Christian graffiti on the walls of the church.

The PCHR denounced the attack, and demanded the Palestinian Police and security devices in Gaza to conduct a serious investigation into the crime, in order to locate and prosecute the criminals.

It also called on local civic organizations, political factions and the Palestinian people to denounce the crime, adding that this attack targets the unity of the Palestinian people.