Israeli forces launched an air strike on the northern Gaza Strip, on Thursday evening, targeting a rocket launch site, according to a statement by Israeli forces.The statement said that the air strikes targeted a rocket launching site in order ‘to eliminate an imminent threat against Israel, according to a Ma’an News Agency report.

Israeli website Walla said that Israeli aircraft targeted a rocket launch pad in the town of Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip, as it was preparing to fire rockets towards Israel.

Earlier in the day, Israeli forces opened fire on protests near the Gaza Strip border, injuring one Palestinian.

While Hamas itself does not routinely fire rockets, Israel says that it holds the group, which seized power in Gaza in 2007, responsible for such attacks.

Hamas and Israel have maintained a fragile ceasefire since Nov. 2012, when Israeli forces launched a major assault that killed around 170 Gazans.