[Saturday, April 12, 2014] Israeli soldiers closed all entrances of the Nabi Saleh village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and declared the village a closed military zone; a young Palestinian man was shot by a live round, while a woman suffered fractures after being assaulted by the soldiers.The Popular Committee against the Wall and Settlements in Nabi Saleh has reported that the army declared the village a closed military zone until further notice, and placed concrete blocks closing its main entrances, and closed the iron gates of the Annexation Wall surrounding the village.

The Committee added that the soldiers targeted a number of Palestinians wounding a young man, and that a woman, identified as Wijdan Tamimi, 45 years of age, suffered fractures and bruises after a number of soldiers assaulted her. Several Palestinian cars were damaged after the soldiers fired concussion grenades at them.

The village is frequently attacked by the Israeli army for its ongoing resistance against the Annexation Wall and illegal settlements, while the army has escalated its assaults over the last few weeks.

However, the villagers, accompanied by Israeli and International peace activists, are determined to continue the struggle.

The Committee said that the popular, nonviolent, struggle against the occupation, the apartheid wall and settlements has managed to achieve international recognition, including by AMNESTY, various UN facilities and different countries around the world.

It called on the Palestinian people, Palestinian factions and institutions to coordinate their activities, and to continue the struggle, to counter the ongoing and escalating Israeli violations and crimes against the Palestinian people and their lands, including Israel’s illegitimate settlement construction and expansion activities.