Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi said, Tuesday, the UN Security Council adopts double standards when handling resolutions involving Israel.Al-Arabi referred to the US’ veto on resolutions obliging Israel to withdraw from the Arab lands occupied since 1967.

According to WAFA, he said that the Arab countries have decided to change the way of dealing with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; to work on ending the conflict instead of just managing it through managing the current negotiations slated to end on April 29.

He added that talks are underway to examine extending the negotiations based on clear grounds to be set by the Palestinian leadership, which “will very soon take serious decisions in this regard.”

Al-Arabi made these comments in response to Arab parliamentarians’ questions on the latest political developments of the Palestinian cause, and the human rights situations in the Arab World, during the first hearing session of the Arab Parliament at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

According to Kuwait News Agency, speaker of the Arab parliament Ahmad Al-Jarwan stressed that, ‘the Arab Parliament will not stop supporting or exerting efforts to find a just and comprehensive solution to [the Palestinian cause].’

Assessing Israel’s current policies towards Palestinians, he said that its recent practices were ‘illegal’ and ‘an aggression on the Palestinian people and territories, particularly on Muslim and Christian holy sites in the occupied East Jerusalem.’

These acts violate relevant UN resolutions and international laws, he said, urging the international community to take action.

He also expressed solidarity with Palestinian prisoners detained in Israeli jails, calling on global human rights organizations ‘to do their best to defend them.’

Israeli forces, on Tuesday, prevented shepherds from entering the village of Um al-Khair, to the east of Yatta in Hebron district, said Rateb Jubur, of the anti-settlement committee.

He said army forces prevented the shepherds from returning home to their village after grazing their livestock.

Also on Tuesday, Israeli forces abducted two people from Beit Ummar, located to the north of Hebron, as well as raided and searched several Palestinian-owned houses, in addition to a stone-cutting factory in the Bethlehem area, according to statements by a local activist.

Spokesperson of the anti-wall and settlement popular committee Mohammad ‘Awad said that forces stormed Beit Ummar and arrested two people, aged 20 and 21 years, after breaking into and searching their houses.

Forces served one 20-year-old person with a notice to appear before Israeli Intelligence, after breaking into and searching his family’s house in the town.

Meanwhile, WAFA further reports that forces set up a military checkpoint at the entrance of Idhna, a town located to the west of Hebron, and stormed many neighborhoods in the city of Hebron.

In the Bethlehem district, forces stormed and thoroughly searched a house and a stone-cutting factory in Taqouʻ and Beit Fajjar, located respectively to the east and south of Bethlehem.

They also set up a military checkpoint near Dar Salah village, located to the east of Bethlehem, where they stopped and inspected Palestinian vehicles travelling along the way and examined passengers’ ID cards.

Furthermore, a Palestinian student and a journalist were injured on Tuesday, during clashes which erupted after the Israeli army patrolled their military vehicles, near the vicinity of a university in Hebron, in a provocative manner which spurred confrontations, according to witnesses.

Soldiers fired tear gas canisters and stun grenades towards the students, who responded by pelting stones at the soldiers, injuring a female student with a tear gas canister in her arm, and a journalist with a stun grenade in his leg.