[Wednesday, April 23, 2014] In one of its first comments on the signed reconciliation agreement between Fateh and Hamas movements, and the decision to form a unity government, the United States said its support, including financial, to any Palestinian government is based on respecting all signed peace agreements with Israel.Media sources quoted a U.S. official stating that the new government must respect all signed treaties and peace agreements once it is formed, the Palestine News Network (PNN) has reported.

The official added that this also includes a clear recognition of Israel, and a clear “renunciation of violence”.

The official further said that the U.S. Administration would evaluate the new Palestinian government, to ensure that it abides by all agreements and, then, it will decide whether or not to continue to provide fanatical support.

The statement did not include a demand that Israel must respect all signed agreements, including stopping its ongoing invasions and assaults, which led to dozens of casualties and hundreds of arrests since the beginning of this year.