[Monday, May 12, 2014] Israeli soldiers invaded different Palestinian neighborhoods in Kufur Qaddoum village, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, kidnapping 14 Palestinians. One woman was also kidnapped near the northern West Bank city of Jenin. Local sources said that dozens of soldiers invaded the village, during late night hours, and violently searched dozens of homes, kidnapping fourteen Palestinians.

The kidnapped residents have been identified as Abdullah Rajab Jom’a, 25, Ja’far Jom’a, 24, Bassam Walid Barham, 21, Harb Jom’a, 32, Odai Barham, 20, As’ad ‘Amer, 23, Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Eshteiwy, 32, Dia’ Jom’a, 24, Atwa Abdul-Latif Jom’a, 22, Ra’ed Taiseer Barham, 20, Mos’ab Daoud Hussein, 25, Sami Barham, 30, Ra’fat Mofeed Barham, 26, and Anas Waleed Barham, 24.

All kidnapped Palestinians were cuffed and blindfolded by the soldiers before they were moved to a nearby security and military center.

In the Jenin district, in the northern part of the West Bank, soldiers kidnapped the wife of a Palestinian political prisoner from Arraba town, invading homes and another structure.

The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported that the army kidnapped Fida’ Hosni Sheebany, the wife of detainee Mustafa Sheebany, who was taken prisoner by the army in 2003, and is serving three life terms.

WAFA said the soldiers searched the Sheebany residence, and ransacked its property, before invading and searching a home and an agricultural structure that belongs to resident Husam Sheebany.

The family said the army interrogated them for several hours, and forced them out of the homes while searching them.

Soldiers also invaded and searched the homes of Taiseer Ghawadra, and his sons Waseem, Baseem, and Odai. Property damage has been reported.

In Bethlehem, dozens of soldiers invaded the Deheisha refugee camp, south of the city, violently searched several homes, and kidnapped one Palestinian.

Eyewitnesses said resident Ibrahim Yahia Da’amsa, 30 years of age, was kidnapped by the soldiers who later moved him to the Etzion military base for interrogation.

Soldiers also invaded the homes of Bassem Abdul-Rahman al-Hasanaat and Ali al-Afandy, and violently searched them.

The Radio Bethlehem 2000 has reported that the soldiers surrounded the area of the Bethlehem Central Market, near the Deheisha refugee camp, and prevented the residents from reaching it.

The soldiers also fired several concussion grenades at the Palestinians in an attempt to remove them from the area.