The United States said it would deal with the new interim Palestinian unity government, and continue to provide financial support, but also intends to evaluate its policies and conducts, before making a final decision.U.S. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki stated that the United States will continue to work with the Palestinian government, and support it, and stressed on the fact that the White House supports President Mahmoud Abbas, but will closely monitor the conduct of the new government, and its policies, before making a final determination.

The interim government was formed after the Fateh and Hamas movements managed to overcome obstacles that obstructed unity efforts for years, and signed the unity agreement.

On his part, official spokesperson of President Abbas, Nabil Abu Rodeina, said the American stance regarding the newly formed unity government is very important.

Abu Rodeina added that the decision sends a message to the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu, and the international community, that the Palestinian stances are coherent with international legitimacy regulations, and International Law.

“Israel needs to realize that the world is changing; Tel Aviv must end its violations”, the Palestinian official said, “Tel Aviv needs to create a suitable atmosphere to save what can be saved of the peace process”.

On Monday, the Palestinian national consensus government was sworn in at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, and via video conference with Gaza.

On Monday evening, President Abbas headed the first meeting of the unity government after it was sworn in, and stated that the first mission of this government is to prepare for new legislative and presidential elections that would be held within six months, and to ensure the continuation of its duties and responsibilities in serving the Palestinians.

He added that, in the coming days, the government would issue an official order to the Elections Committee to start preparing for the upcoming elections.

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