A Palestinian fisherman who was recently shot and critically injured by the Israeli navy, off the coast of the northwest part of the Gaza Strip, has died of his wounds today, according to media sources.
WAFA correspondence reports that 52-year-old Emad Salem died of his wounds, in the hospital, after being shot with live bullets by Israeli navy while fishing in the officially recognized fishing zone off the coasts of Gaza.

In a related incident, Israeli naval boats again opened gunfire at Palestinian boats, today, despite their being within the six-mile zone, causing damage to some of the boats. No injuries or arrests were reported, however.

The Israeli navy continues to target Palestinian-owned boats off the Gaza Strip almost on daily basis, WAFA further reports, with hundreds of cases of injuries and deaths occurring among Palestinian fishermen who risk their life to provide sustenance for their families, amidst severe economic conditions imposed on the Gaza Strip by Israel.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has recently released a report stating that life in the Gaza Strip has become unbearable due to the imposed siege and the closure of crossings: https://imemc.org/article/67951

Gaza has been under illegal Israeli occupation since 1967, and a severe blockade, imposed by Israel and enforced by Egypt, since 2007.