According to Israeli media, a Palestinian rocket was fired from Gaza at midnight, this morning, into open area in Ashkelon. In related news, Israeli Minister of Economy Naftali Bennett has stated that the failure of peace in the region is due to Gaza rocket fire.The sources stated that an alarm siren rang out for a few minutes before the rocket exploded in the area. However, the PNN reports that the rocket was spotted by Israeli military bases near Gaza’s borders.

In a related context, Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinian farmers, east of ash-Shujaeyya.

No injuries were reported.

Furthermore, the PNN reports that Israeli Minister of Economy, Naftali Bennett, declared this morning that Israel has tried negotiating with the Palestinians for 21 years but that this has failed, because Israel has been attacked by Palestinian rockets from Gaza.

He added that the Oslo agreement ended after the new Palestinian unity government was announced, in disagreement with Israeli Minster of Finance, Yair Lapid, over his plan of separating Palestine in a two state solution.

Lapid’s party has suggested that they should freeze the biggest settlement projects and attempt a real peace agreement with the Palestinians and moderate Arabic countries.

He said that if PM Netanyahu connects the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, according to the Jewish Home Party’s plan, this decision will lead to the destruction of the Israeli government.