[Tuesday, June 10, 2014] Israeli soldiers, heavily deployed in occupied East Jerusalem, especially near the al-Aqsa Mosque, attacked dozens of Palestinians, including children, near Bab al-Majlis Gate (The Council Gate), and prevented them from entering the mosque.Sheikh Omar al-Kiswany, head of the al-Aqsa Mosque, said that the soldiers attacked and detained Palestinian residents, including summer camp children, who were trying to enter the mosque, demanding residents leave their ID cards with the army before entering the area.

Al-Kiswany stated that the soldiers used pepper-spray against employees and workers of the Waqf and Islamic Endowment Department, in addition to attacking several men, women, children and teachers.

In related news, Israeli military bulldozers uprooted large areas of Palestinian lands in Wadi Al-Joz neighborhood, in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses said dozens of soldiers invaded the area before army bulldozers uprooted the lands.

The army and police also towed several Palestinian cars, mainly belonging to residents who live in the area, causing significant damage to the vehicles.