Attorney General Muhammad Abd al-Ghani al-Uweili has stated that the body of Nadim Nuwara will be exhumed and taken to the Palestinian Institute of Forensic Medicine for an investigation into the exact nature of his death.Police, along with medical teams and legal officials, will exhume the body in accordance with Palestinian and Islamic law, the statement said, according to Ma’an.

Palestinian medical teams will seek the assistance of international experts for the investigation, al-Uweili said.

Nuwara, along with another Palestinian teenager, Muhammad Audah Abu al-Thahir, were both shot dead by Israeli forces on the 66th anniversary of the Nakba, during protests which were organized near Ofer prison, just outside Ramallah.

Video footage of the incident clearly shows that neither of the boys were involved in the clashes which surrounded their deaths. Palestinian medics say the deaths were caused by live fire, though the Israeli army denies this claim.

The decision to exhume Nuwara’s body was made upon receiving official permission from Nuwara’s family and a fatwa issued by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

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