The Israeli Ministry of Health has placed severe restrictions on visits to hospitalized detainees by private doctors, according to Hebrew newspaper Haaretz.
Prompted by Shin Bet Israeli security service and PM Netanyahu, the Ministry is now “rejecting dozens of requests from Doctors for Human Rights, the strikers’ lawyers and members of their families that independent doctors be allowed to visit and assess the hunger strikers’ condition.”

According to Al Ray, the Prisoner’s Club Society has recently stated that the 13 hospitalized “hunger strikers suffer stomach bleeding” and are being “compromised by the IPS to halt their strike in exchange for medical treatment.”

The hunger strike by Palestinian detainees, in mass protest of Israel’s ongoing Administrative Detention policy, continues for the 49th day in a row.

Palestinian leadership is now urgently requesting the UN to intervene on behalf of the 130 prisoners who are on continuous hunger strike in Israeli jails.

According to Ma’an News Agency, the PLO’s chief negotiator called on members of the UN Security Council, in an official letter ‘to pressure Israel into annulling its policy of administrative detention and to condition deepening bi-lateral ties with Israel on its fulfillment of obligations as an occupying power’.

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