Israeli settlers stormed the park of the Ibrahimi Mosque (Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hebron, on Wednesday, where they attempted to sabotage its content, according to media sources.WAFA correspondence reprts that a group of settlers broke through the park and attempted to plow it and install water tubes and sprinklers before they were fended off by local residents and personnel of the Islamic Waqf.

Furthermore, the settlers brought a tractor to plow the park which is located in the vicinity of the mosque.

Director of Islamic Waqf of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneineh, considers the assault a further attempt to force local residents out of the area in order that Israel might take full control of the mosque and its nearby yards, in addition to being a violation gainst the freedom of worship guaranteed by all doctrines and international laws, which stipulate free and safe access to religious places.

“We can never tolerate such an act,” he said.

“Settlers’ sabotage of the municipal park which is the property of Hebron Waqf, and if continues, would result in adverse consequences that could “ignite” the whole region.”

The Ibrahimi Mosque is the site of a brutal massacre carried out by American-born Israeli Baruch Goldstein, on February 25, 1994, during which unarmed Palestinian Muslims praying inside the mosque were shot in cold blood by Goldstein. The attack left 29 dead and 125 wounded. Goldstein was beaten to death by the survivors.

In related news, Pope Francis, on his last day of a 3-day pilgrimage to the Holy Land, called for allowing all believers free access to holy sites in Jerusalem.

More recently, the Vatican hosted a joint peace prayer with Pope Francis, Israeli President Shimon Peres and president Mahmoud Abbas, in an unprecedented symbolic gesture offered with the intention of creating a bridge of peaceful dialogue across religious borders.

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