[Wednesday, June 11, 2014] Nonviolent Palestinian activists held a mock soccer match in front of the Ofer Prison, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, to express solidarity with hunger striking detainees, and were violently attacked by the soldiers.Abdullah Abu Rahma of the Popular Resistance Committee against the Israeli Annexation Wall and Israel’s illegitimate settlements, told the Palestinian TV that, as the world attention is focused on the World Cup in Brazil, the Palestinians want to draw the world attention to more than 200 detainees who are now in near-death conditions.

“In our own way, we want to draw attention to hundreds of striking detainees’, Abu Rahma said, ‘to tell the world that hunger strike continues in Israeli detention camps”.

As the Palestinian nonviolent activists, wearing T-shirts made of Palestinian flags, started their mock soccer match, Israeli soldiers attacked them, and hurled concussion grenades at them.

Mohammad Khatib, coordinator of the Popular Committee, told the Palestinian TV that this activity is part of ongoing activities in solidarity with hunger striking Palestinian detainees, and called for more popular activities and massive protests to highlight the cause of the detainees, and their suffering.

Video – Report By Palestine TV