[Wednesday at Night, June 11, 2014] Palestinian medical sources have reported that one Palestinian was killed, and two were seriously injured, when an Israeli war jet fired a missile targeting a fighter northwest of Gaza city.The al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, said the fighter has been identified as Mohammad Nasr (Abu Al-Khattab), 24 years of age.

His body was severely mutilated when an Israeli missile struck him as he was driving his motorcycle in the Sudaniyya area.

Two civilians were injured in the blast, one seriously, the Palestinian TV has reported.

The Israeli army said “it targeted fighters planning to attack Israeli targets”.

On Wednesday evening, a Palestinian child was killed and a young man was wounded in an explosion that took place in a home in the at-Tuffah neighborhood, in Gaza City, medical sources said.

The child Khalil al-Ghaseen, 13 years of age, died of serious injuries he suffered in an explosion that took place in his family’s home, in Jaffa Street in Gaza City.

The sources added that a young man suffered life-threatening injuries due to the blast, and was moved to a local hospital. The police are said to be investigating the causes of the blast.