Ramallah, Occupied Palestine, June 13 2014 – Media sources in the central West Bank city of Ramallah have reported that Palestinian fighters fired toward a number of soldiers, stationed in military towers, in the Ofer prison, near Betunia town.The sources said eight live rounds were fired at the monitoring towers, and that the army then drove dozens of vehicles into the area, and invaded Betunia town.

The army said the spent bullet cases indicate the shots were fired from an M16 rifle, and will be examined as the army tries to locate the weapon.

The army conducted military searches in the town, and kidnapped one Palestinian.

The Ofer Terminal is near the main headquarters of the Palestinian Preventative Security forces.

On Friday, Israel said it located a tunnel under a bathroom in one of the rooms in Shatta Prison, where Palestinian detainees are serving life-terms.

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