[Friday, June 13, 2014] Palestinian Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah, stated that the Palestinian Authority intends to investigate Wednesday’s attack carried out by Palestinian security officers against Palestinian reporters, and residents, and vowed to prosecute any person involved in violations.His statements came during a meeting with a delegation of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, headed by Abdul-Nasser Najjar, and Palestinian Authority spokesperson, Ehab Bseiso.

He said that Palestinian journalists and media departments play an essential role in the struggle for liberation, and share the same burdens of the government in representing the suffering of the Palestinian people.

Hamdallah added that the Journalists Syndicate, and different institutions, should be supported and defended.

Syndicate representatives provided a detailed version of the attack against journalists reporting from protest and activity, held in Ramallah, in support of hunger striking detainees in Israeli prisons.

They demanded the government to ensure its security forces to act in a professional manner, and to prevent further violations.

The attack was caught on tape showing the police and security forces attacking the nonviolent protesters, and the journalists, pushing them around and dispersing them by force.

The protesters were demanding an end to political arrests, and the release of political prisoners held by the Palestinian Authority.

The video first shows security officers attacking several women demanding the release of their sons, who were taken prisoner lately during a protest in solidarity with hunger striking Palestinian detainees, held by Israel.

A Palestinian woman said the police arrested several university students marching in solidarity with the detainees.

A local reporter said he was attacked, beaten and security officers smashed his camera, and voiced threats against him and other reporters. They also confiscated cameras belonging to local reporters before arresting them.

The attack came just a few days after a similar attack against reporters and journalism students while documenting protests held in solidarity with hunger-striking Palestinian detainees, held in Israeli prisons.