This morning, Israeli warplanes targeted several locations in southern Gaza Strip.The PNN reports that an Israeli Apache helicopter and a surveillance drone fired at least three missiles targeting a location east of Khan Younis that is reported to be a site which belongs to the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

No injuries were reported.

Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency stated, additionally, that an Israeli F-16 warplane also fired a missile at an open area in the Saudi neighborhood to the west of Rafah, making a big hole and causing panic among residents, especially children.

Different Palestinian news agencies reported an unusual deployment of Israeli military vehicles near the Israeli-Gaza border last night, with more surveillance drones flying over the Gaza Strip.

Apache gunships and drones continue to hover at low altitudes in the region.

In related news, Israel deployed around 2,000 troops belonging to the Paratroopers Brigade and the Special Forces, in southern West Bank, Saturday.

According to the PNN, this is part of an ongoing search operation launched yesterday to look for three missing settlers who disappeared on Thursday night.

Israeli military intelligence sources have reported that there has been some progress in the investigation, but that it is likely to take more time.