[Tuesday, June 17, 2014] Israeli soldiers continued their large-scale military invasion into different Palestinian communities in the occupied West Bank, broke into dozens of homes and searched them, and kidnapped dozens of Palestinians.Local sources in the southern West Bank district of Hebron have reported that the soldiers kidnapped at least fifteen Palestinians after breaking into their homes, and interrogated dozens of residents.

The WAFA News Agency said that soldiers invaded various towns, villages and refugee camps in the district, and kidnapped; Rami Rafe’ Markhiyya, 13, Jihad Monther Fannoun, Awni Sa’id Sabarna, Samir Saleh al-Qady, Fadi Abdullah Ghneimat, Ahmad Khalaf, Marwan Abbdul-Qader Abu Fara, Ahmad al-Hour and his son Husam, Jadallah Abdullah Rajoub, Mohammad Fawzi al-Khatib, Anas Sobhy al-Jo’ba, Jalal Jamal Yaghmour, Eid Mousa Ebrewish and Ali Hmeidat.

WAFA added that the soldiers also invaded dozens of homes, violently searched them, and used many homes as military posts and monitoring towers.

Soldiers also installed roadblocks blocking any contiguity between towns and villages in the southern and western parts of Hebron.

They further confiscated surveillance cameras belonging to residents in Sinjer area, east of Doura town.

Local sources said the sounds of explosions were heard in various areas in Hebron, and that the soldiers were deliberately throwing sounds bombs and concussion grenades into Palestinian homes before invading them.

At least 80 Palestinians have been kidnapped in the Hebron district since the three Israeli settlers went missing last Thursday night.

In Ethna town, west of Hebron, the soldiers demolished an under-construction 130 square/meter home, belonging to a resident identified as Mohammad Hussein Farahallah.

In the Bethlehem District, soldiers invaded the Aida refugee camp, east of the city, and searched a number of homes before kidnapping one resident identified as Shadi Mohammad Badawna, 24, while resident Khalid Abu Shaqra, 16, from Um Salmouna village, west of Bethlehem was also taken prisoner.

Medical sources in Aida refugee camp stated that several residents received treatment for the effects of teargas inhalation, especially at the eastern entrance of the camp.

The soldiers also invaded Nahhalin, west of Bethlehem, and invaded car tries workshops, a cellphone store, a supermarket and a nearby store, confiscating surveillance cameras, and also invading and violently searching several homes while interrogating the families.

In addition, soldiers invaded the villages of Jouret ash-Sham’a, Wadi an-Neess and Um Salmouna, near Bethlehem, and searched dozens of homes and shops.

Late on Monday at night, a number of Israeli settlers hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks at Palestinian cars in Nahhalin village, near Bethlehem, causing damage but no injuries.

Earlier on Tuesday, at dawn, dozens of soldiers invaded Azzoun town, east of the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, kidnapping a father and his two sons after violently searching their home.

They have been identified as Sa’id Salama Salim, and his sons Waleed and Odai.

The soldiers also besieged Azzoun after blocking all roads leading to it by concrete blocks, and sand hills.

Dozens of soldiers also invaded the Ramallah and al-Biereh District, attacked and searched several homes in different neighborhoods, before kidnapping at least three Palestinians.

Local sources said that the soldiers kidnapped Aziz Kayed, Ahmad Najid Mafarja, and Mohammad Ammar. Many residents were detained, and some might have been kidnapped later on.

In Salfit, in the central West Bank, medical sources said one Palestinian was shot and injured by Israeli army fire, and was moved to a local hospital.

The young man, in his twenties, was shot by several rounds of live ammunition and was moved by the army to an Israeli hospital. His identity, and the severity of his injuries, remained unknown until the time of this report.

The Tuesday dawn invasion into northern West Bank districts resulted in at least 41 arrests, while Israeli online daily, Haaretz, has reported that more than a thousand Israeli soldiers participated in the night invasions across the occupied West Bank.

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