[Wednesday, June 18, 2014] As the army continued its invasions and arrests in different parts of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, at least 64 Palestinians were kidnapped on Wednesday, at dawn, including 51 former prisoners who were previously released under the Shalit Prisoner Swap Deal.The Palestinians were kidnapped in numerous invasions carried out in various Palestinian communities, including Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, Tulkarem, Jenin and Qalqilia.

Media sources said Israel informed more than 40 kidnapped Palestinians, who were previously released under the Shalit deal, that it intends to transfer some of them, if not all, to the Gaza.

The latest arrests bring the number of kidnapped Palestinians, since last Thursday night, to more than 260 Palestinians.

The WAFA News Agency has reported that soldiers kidnapped seven former political prisoners in occupied Jerusalem.

It said the soldiers invaded dozens of homes and kidnapped Adnan Maragha, from Silwan, Aladdin al-Bazyan from the Old City, Jamal Abu Saleh from Silwan, Ibrahim Abu Mashal from Jabal al-Mokabber, Rajab at-Tahhan from Ras al-‘Amoud in Silwan, Ismael Hijazi from Jabal al-Mokabber, and Nasser Abedrabbo from Sur Baher.

Another Palestinian has also been kidnapped in front of the al-Aqsa Mosque, in occupied Jerusalem.

In the Hebron District, in the southern part of the West Bank, soldiers kidnapped at least 26 Palestinians, and informed some of them that they will be sent to Gaza, and will not be allowed Bank into the West Bank.

In Hebron city, soldiers kidnapped nine Palestinians after invading their homes and searching them, causing excessive property damage.

The kidnapped have been identified as Safwan Mohammad al-‘Oweiwy, Abbas Shabana Tamimi, Hijazi Kamel al-Hammoury, 25, Imad al-Qasrawy Tamimi, 28, Jamal Izzat al-Qawasma, 28, Bassam Naim Natsha, Moammar Rashad al-Ja’bary, Zoheir Mustafa Skafi, and Hazem Ibrahim Abu Najma.

Four residents, identified as Mohammad Ismael Sweity, Ismael Abdul-Hadi Masalma, Mohammad Ismael Masalma and Hayel Mohammad Sweity, have been kidnapped in Beit ‘Awwa nearby town.

In Beit Ola town, soldiers kidnapped four Palestinians identified as Dia’ Aziz Adarba, 25, Mohammad Falah al-‘Amla, Aziz Falah al-‘Amla, and his son Dia’.

In Yatta, the soldiers kidnapped Rateb Jabour, Khaled Mousa Makhamra, and Mohammad Issa Makhamra.

Resident Hamed Sha’ban al-Hour was kidnapped in Surif, Mohammad Nasr Ezreiqat, 28, was kidnapped in Taffouh, while Mheisin Abdullah Mheizsn, and former political prisoner, Abdul-Mahdi az-Zhour, were kidnapped in Beit Kahel town, north of Hebron.

Resident Khalil Al-Helu, from Ithna town, was kidnapped at an army roadblock, while resident Nayef Hasan Shawamra was kidnapped in Doura town.

The soldiers fired dozens of rounds of live ammunition and concussion grenades during protests that took place as the army invaded their communities. The army also installed several roadblocks.

Soldiers also invaded al-Haqouz area, and searched Beit Kahel Graveyard for more than three times overnight.

In addition, soldiers kidnapped several Palestinians in Ramallah, including legislators Ayman Daraghma and Ahmad Mubarak.

Nael Barghouthi, who was released in 2011 after spending 33 years in Israeli prisons, has also been kidnapped.

Also in Ramallah, the soldiers invaded several homes and buildings, including the office of Trans Media agency, where the al-Aqsa Satellite TV is located, in al-Biereh near Ramallah. Clashes took place between the invading soldiers and local Palestinians.

Soldiers also invaded ‘Aboud village, northwest of Ramallah, and Kharabtha Bani Hareth village.

Following are the names of some of the former political prisoners, who were release under the Shalit deal, and were rearrested Wednesday at dawn:

1. Nael Barghouthi.
2. Nidal Zalloum.
3. Hamza Abu Arboub.
4. Taha Shakhsheer.
5. Abdul-Mon’em To’ma.
6. Majdi al-‘Ajjouly.
7. Ayed Hasrha.
8. Mohammad Rishiq.
9. Safwan al-‘Oweiwy.
10. Zoheir Skafi.
11. Mohammad Rashad al-‘Ja’bary.
12. Nidal Abdul-Haq.
13. Ahmad al-‘Awawda.
14. Bassam Naim Natsha.
15. Othman Musleh al-Bazyan.
16. Jamal Abu Saleh.
17. Ismael Masalma.
18. Mohammad Barakat.
19. Mahmoud Sweity.
20. Adnan Maragha.
21. Ibrahim Mash’al.
22. Adnan Thieb.
23. Shadi Zeid.
24. Abbas Shabana.
25. Ahmad as-Salloudy.
26. Abdul-Rahman Salah.
27. Imad Fatouny.
28. Ya’coub al-Keelani.
29. Aref Fakhoury.
30. Abdul-Jabbar Foqaha.
31. Wahib Abu ar-Rob.
32. Rajab at-Tahhan.
33. Mohammad al-Ja’bary.
34. Zaher Khatatba.
35. Ashraf al-Wawy.
36. Rabee’ Barghouthi.
37. Abdullah Abu Shalbak.
38. Amer Moqbil.
39. Khader Radhy.
40. Luay Filfill.
41. Wael Abu Halboush.
42. Fawwaz Jaber.
43. Rasmi Mahareeq.
44. Mousa al-Mahroom.
45. Tareq Qouzah.
46. Yousef Natsha.
47. Fayez al-Jaber.
48. Ayman Daraghma (Legislator).
49. Ahmad Mubarak (Legislator).

(The number of legislators kidnapped in the latest Israeli invasion arrived to nine.)

Ahrar: ‘197 Palestinians Kidnapped In The West Bank”