As Palestinian detainees, held under illegal Administrative Detention orders in Israeli prisons, continued their hunger strike for the 55th consecutive day, demanding an end to their illegitimate detention, detainee Ayman Tbeish is ongoing his strike for the 110th day.The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that most of the striking detainees have been moved to clinics, including 20 detainees who starting suffering from internal bleeding following their strike, and were admitted to urgent care in Israeli hospitals.

The PPS added that nine striking detainees have heart conditions, while eleven ailing detainees are also refusing medication, and are facing serious health complications.

Head of the Legal Unit of the PPS, Jawad Boulos, visited 23 hunger-striking detainees held at the Israeli Medical Centers of Tal Hashomer, Ichilov, Beilinson, and Wolfson.

He said that the detainees are in very serious condition, lost around %25 of their weight, can barely move, while a virus infected six detainees held at the Wolfson hospital and requiring further attention.

Boulos said the bones of the striking detainees are clearly seen, protruding under their skin, and that the Prison Administration stopped all talks with the detainees eight days ago.

Halting talks is a move that was interpreted as an attempt to further isolate the detainees, manipulate and prevent news about their strike, and health conditions, to surface, especially since the world is consumed with the issue of the missing Israeli settlers.

The PPS said that several detainees, held in a number of Israeli prisons, have been forced into solitary confinement, in many prisoners including Ayalon, Ramla, Ofer, The Negev Detention Camp, and many other prisons, but are ongoing with their strike.

The detainees that the lawyer managed to visit are:

Mahmoud Shabana, Jamal Hamamra, Mazen an-Natsha, Abdul-Jabbar al-Foqaha, Mahmoud Wreidan, Jawad al-Ja’bary, Raed Hamdan, Faraj Rommana, and Ashraf Asfour; all held in Tal HaShomer hospital.
Tareq Ed’eis, Mohammad Maher Badr, Daoud Hamdan, Zohdi Oleyyan, and Azzam Abu Arqoub; all held in Wolfson Medial.

Fayez Misk, Adnan Asfour, Salem Bady, Mos’ab al-Haimouny, and Mahmoud Abu Daoud; all held at the Ichilov Hospital.

Fadi Omar, Amjad al-Hammoury, Walid al-Mezyin, Mohammad Ali Atteely, Mohad al-Joneidy, and Imad Jadallah; all held at the Wolfson Hospital.

Israel To “Worsen” Living Conditions Of Hamas Detainees