On a note which resonates with absurdity, Israel has been elected as vice-chair of the ‘UN Special Commitee on Decolonization’ – which deals among other things with matters related to Palestinian refugees, according to the Electronic Intifada.The UN representative for Israel, the world’s last settler-colonial power, received 74 votes for the post, with strong opposition coming from the Arab Group of UN member states.

Qatar, speaking on their behalf, described Israel as a “State that violated the United Nations Charter and international law. Because its track record was rife with murder and its occupation had lasted more than 66 years, Israel was not qualified to preside over questions pertaining to Palestinian refugees, peacekeeping and the investigation of its own illegal practices.”

Saudi Arabia – whose own membership of the UN Human Rights Council has drawn much criticism – said that Israel’s election was “the moral equivalent of placing the apartheid regime of South Africa in charge of a committee to end racism.”

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