Israeli forces, on Sunday at dawn, stormed Al Quds University in occupied East Jerusalem, as well as Polytechnic University in the West Bank city of Hebron.The soldiers broke into the university and carried out searches, with a focus on a building designated for law faculty, Al Ray reports, marking the most recent in a series of attacks on Palestinian educational facilities since the beginning of the massive arrest campaign which started last week.

Security guards were locked into a room for the duration of the search, according to Al Ray’s source, with clashes breaking out between Israeli soldiers and locals near the campus.

In Hebron, Israeli forces raided Polytechnic University, after destroying its doors.

Soldiers broke into the university, where they searched its offices, confiscating some documents and computers, with no arrests reported.

In the past week, Israeli forces have raided a number of Palestinian universities, including Birzeit near Ramallah and the Arab American University in Jenin, taking numerous documents and other files during their searches, Al Ray reports.

Additionally, Ahliya University was used by soldiers as a holding ground for detainees, during a raid on Duheisha camp, near Bethlehem.

Three Israeli settlers went missing a week ago, in the West Bank city of Hebron. Yet, no clear evidence of an actual abduction has been presented. ‘Claims of responsibility’ have come from the Salafist group Dawlat al Islam, Liberators’ Battalion of Hebron, and Al Aqsa Brigades (unconfirmed), but none of these groups have any connection with Hamas.

Assaults and abductions by Israeli soldiers and civillians continue on a daily basis for Palestinians.