Palestinian leadership initiated official requests for an emergency session of the UN Security Council, today, seeking intervention with Israel’s ongoing military campaign in the West Bank.“The oppressive Israeli aggression during the past few days, which led to the killing of six of our people, violating the sanctity of homes, in addition to the raids on institutions, associations and universities, and the arrest of hundreds and re-arrest of ex-detainees, whose release was previously agreed upon – under the pretext of searching for the three missing settlers, means that the Israeli government is pushing towards more tension and towards an ‘outburst,” said a PA statement.

President Abbas has pledged coordiation between Palestinian and Israeli security forces for the duration of the campaign to find the three missing settlers. He also condemned, however, the Israeli killings of Palestinians which have occured throught the weeklong campaign:

‘I said the kidnapping was a crime, but does that justify the killing of… Palestinian teens in cold blood?” he asked Haaretz.

‘What does Netanyahu have to say about the killings? Does he condemn it? Look at what’s happened all over the West Bank over the past days, the violence and the destruction of homes …Is that justified?’

‘Israeli arrogance won’t prevent our people from realizing their legitimate national rights of freedom and independence,’ the PA statement added, emphasizing that the escalated aggressions and collective punishment, against Palestinians by Israel, will drive leadership towards even stronger commitment in maintaining national unity.