A number of Israeli bulldozers raided Palestinian lands near Nahil Ouz, in the Gaza Strip, Monday. Meanwhile, the Israeli military appears to have nearly exhausted the momentum of their recent incursion into the West Bank, according to statements by a high-ranking Israeli military officer. The bulldozers razed several Palestinian farmlands in the area, according to eyewitnesses, who added that Israeli warplanes were flying at low levels during the operation, Al Ray Palestinian Media Agency has reported.

Israel maintains complete control over Gaza’s airspace, territorial waters, and most land crossings, despite the withdrawal of Israeli settlers and military forces in 2005.

Backed by Egypt, Israel tightened their blockade on the Strip in 2007, following an election victory by Hamas.

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In related news, Hebrew media site Walla has reported that, according to a high-ranking Israeli military officer, after 11 days the current series of arrest raids across the West Bank has failed to find a clue leading to the whereabouts of three teenage settlers recently gone missing the southern West Bank.

He said that the overnight detention raids would not stop, but that the major incursion would come to an end, adding that the military operation can’t continue in the same pattern, especially after Israeli forces have almost completed their “bank of targets”.

According to Ma’an’s report, the army considers the operation to be a success, even though it failed to turn up any evidence in regard to the missing settlers.